Thursday, June 11, 2009

Almost Time!

Well I did it. I've raised nearly $10,000 for the Canadian Diabetes Association! I've trained for 6 months & I have raised awareness of diabetes. There was an article written about me in the local paper, unfortunately they miss spelled my web address to here, so nobody visited :( But i know tons of people read the article in their weekly newspaper! I finished the 2009 BMO Vancouver Marathon in a whopping 7hrs 32min. 32min longer then my goal, but hey - I DID IT! I crossed the line standing up! It was tough, i won't lie - but once i hit the 33km mark, i was done, my body couldn't move any faster - but that didn't stop me. There was no quitting, sure there were tears & i couldn't have done it without everyone's support - and Sarah who put up with my complaining the entire 42.2km! If you want to see photos of me during the Vancouver marathon - check out marathonfoto.

Well, i ended up spraining my ankle on the marathon, and i still haven't figured out how or when! But i was finally given the okay to start training last week - for Australia. It took a lot of consideration, but I will be doing the Gold Coast Half Marathon instead of the full. With my ankle injury, i never would have healed in time to train to cut more then an hour off of my time for the full marathon. Instead i need to cut 30min to complete the half marathon in the 3hr time limit. I am glad i did the Vancouver Marathon, and now the half marathon in Australia, and i can say - i just might do this again. Yes, i said again. Maybe. You see things differently after completing a marathon. I started thinking, hey - i just finished a 42.2km marathon - why can't i do this or that. Anything is possible. I am setting my sights on future marathons in the future.

I still haven't figured out how to put photos up on here - - so if i don't figure it out while i am on the plane in 18 DAYS!!! Then i will just set them all up on my flickr acct - and send you all over there!

Anyways - If i have enough time prior to my flight to Australia on June 29 - i'll write another post - otherwise i'll see you down under! :0)