Wednesday, December 24, 2008

UPDATE: Bake Sale total!

Just wanted to let everyone know my bake sale was VERY VERY successful!  I was hoping to raise about $500 or so.  Well thanks to everyone's help who baked something for the sale and for those who bought some of the baking - THANK YOU VERY VERY MUCH.    Mom & I braved the cold temperature at the front of the store  for 8 hours selling what we could.  I think it wasn't as busy as we had hoped - that could've been due to the frigid temperatures outside.   The only other down side (the first being the freezing temperatures near the door) was that we didn't sell out.  If we sold out - we were looking to raise about $1300 or so.     

I am happy to say that we were able to raise $960!!!!!!!!  i think that surpassed my $500 goal by a long shot!!!!   Here are some photos from the day.

Stay tuned for more fundraisers.  We think another bake sale might be in the works again, since it was so successful!    And maybe a hotdog sale as well....   I am also working on getting a big ticket item *fingers crossed* that i am hoping to raffle off!  Will keep you update!

Merry Christmas to everyone!!

Thursday, December 11, 2008


This Saturday Dec 13, 2008  - a bake sale is being held at the Zellers Central City Location in Surrey. For those that don't know - thats the old Surrey Place Mall.  All funds raised goes to my Team Diabetes fundraising for the Canadian Diabetes Association - come check us out - i'll have forms there if u want yo make just a donation and not buy the yummy goodies that was all baked for YOU!  We're hoping to raise $500 - some come say hello - and get my treats - and if you've had my baking - yo know whats in store!  we are starting about 10am i believe - until we sell out! so act fast!  we are selling them in 2 different size boxes - so they are great if u want to take them to a party that your heading to but don't know what to bring - as they are assorted baking in each box!

a sample of the goodies:

rice krispy squares
chocolate chip cookies
homemade peanut butter cups (they are HEAVEN)
butter tarts
shortbread cookies
sugar cookies

thats all i can list off the top of my head!

even if you come say hi - and show your support i would greatly appreciate it!

See you all on Saturday!


Friday, December 5, 2008

There's always another way

A bit ago I joined Twitter, to keep those updated on my progress of my fundraising - alternatively i have made more friends - gotten some great fundraising ideas and well - i have a blast all day on twitter at work - venting (sorry about that guys) chatting, meeting knew bloggers out there  and well seeing what everyone else is up to and has to say.  One day i stumbled upon John Chow. You really should check him out - he makes his living with his blog - i can only wish!   

John Chow his holding this AMAZING contest! He is giving away $6000 in cash!  $5000 will be donated to the charity of your choice & $1000 would be for you to spend however you like! Now with the holidays already here (i still can't believe it!)  who wouldn't want to help out a charity and go spend the rest on yourself!   Personally, I would donate the $5000 to the Canadian Diabetes Association (part of my Team Diabetes fundraising of course!).  And after thinking about it -  that extra $1000 - I would probably put part of that to side for me for some spending money when i do my marathon in Australia - then the rest - since it is the season of giving - I'd like to help out a few other charities out there - the Surrey Food Bank would be one for sure.

This contest that John Chow is holding is being sponsored by  I checked them out - its actually pretty cool - they take your super long  URL's  (like mine - what was i thinking!?) and they make it into a tiny url!! Mine becomes    SUPER COOL! I use it whenever i can now!! You should check them out!!!

Upcoming fundraising events

Can you believe its already December?! Where has the time gone?!  Well today is the first deadline of my fundraising - i needed to raise $3000 by today - AND I SURPASSED IT! Thank you to everyone who has helped me out this far!  I still have a long ways to go though - next deadline is in February!  

On that note...

The hotdog sale that was planned for tomorrow Dec 6 has been postponed (probably till Dec 20).  Mom has come down with a terrible flu - and i need her there to help out during the day - as it is happening at her place of work.  anyways - i am pretty sure it will be the 20th of Dec - will let you all know asap.   

I am still looking for anyone willing to donate anytime of baking  for the bake sale Dec 13.  I will need all baking by thursday dec 11 (i can come pick it up during the week after work - then it will just go in the freezer at the store till we are ready to sell on saturday)  or feel free to bring the baking to me on the 12th if you need to - i will be at Zellers after work (3pm) till whenever - as we are taking all the baking and sorting it all into boxes and selling the baking that way. perfect to buy if u are going to an open house or party that weekend - and don't want to bake yourself? come purchase a box or two or three :)

The bake sale (and hotdog sale when we do have it)  will be at Zellers Central City (aka Surrey Place Mall). We will be located inside the store at the main entrance!  

Remember - all proceeds from both sales will be going to the Canadian Diabetes Association - so even if you aren't interested in  buying - please drop by and donate what you can - i will have forms if you are interested in donating cash instead (always welcomed).

One more little thing, not sure what to get someone for Christmas, why not make a donation in their name to the Canadian Diabetes Association through my Team Diabetes fundraising!  Not only do you help out a great charity but the person you donate for will get a tax receipt!  ($15 and more gets a tax receipt)

I am sure i will be on here a few more times before Christmas - so enjoy your shopping,  come buy some amazing baking and say hello to me! you can even meet my mom!

Happy Holidays!