Friday, July 25, 2008

My First Blog!!

Well I have never even considered writing a blog before. Ever. I figured facebook and word of mouth was good a enough way for everyone to keep track of my life. You will have to bare with me over the coming X number of blogs I will be posting - my spelling and grammar is not the greatest - infact I am expecting to hear a lot from Geoff about how I said something wrong - whether it be phrasing or spelling. I get it a lot from him. I am constantly reading blogs all day - my favourite? Becky has even talked me into joining Twitter - another way for friends to keep track of me - but it doesn't help when she is the only friend i have on twitter - so sign up everyone - i need more friends to follow and have follow me!

So I decided today - after a little - ok, a lot of persuasion from Amanda - to start my own blog. So this is it - my first blog - my first post - I never thought I would be able to keep writing - but I guess i can! So i hope that you enjoy following my progress - i now have no excuse to slack off now as I'll be posting as much as i can! Please comment as you wish - I look forward to your comments - and i guess i can look forward to criticism.

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