Tuesday, February 10, 2009


I have a pub night booked!!!   If you are interested in coming, please message me as tickets are only available through me (or my mom if you know her). 

Please come & support my quest for Team Diabetes Canada. As most of you know, I have been fundraising for some time now - to raise $9000 for the Canadian Diabetes Association.  I am ALMOST there with just over $3000 to raise!  Training was going great! I was training with the running room 3days a week - i lost 7lbs in the first 3 weeks & i felt great about myself and why I was doing this.  It wasn't has hard as it seemed!  The last week - well, i haven't trained - off injured with an injury due to icy conditions.  I hoping to be back and at it in a week - so long as my body agrees and lets me go back without injuring myself more.    Anyways, pub night details are as follows.

Saturday April 4, 2009
The Hook & Ladder Pub in Surrey
Dinner @ 7pm (you will want to arrive early for seats)

Tickers are $15 - and includes an all you can eat pasta buffet (2 types of pasta, 2 types of sauce, Ceasar salad & garlic bread).  

I am planning to have a raffle draw & silent auction (depending on the number of donated goods i can get together). Also thinking of a 50/50 & a toonie toss.

If you would like to bring your significant other or friends - not a problem, just make sure to pick up a ticket for them as well.  Remember no ticket = no dinner.

You can purchase your ticket online  here.
Just remember to pick up the OFFICIAL ticket from me personally.

If you are interested please send me a message.