Wednesday, February 4, 2009

A New Year, A New Goal

Well I hope everyone had a grand start to 2009!  It's only Feb 4 & I have been quite busy!  Mom & I had a hotdog sale a few weeks back - I am happy to say we raised $454 that day! That was a lot of hotdogs & fried onions - not sure if i can eat another hotdog for a long time haha.  I started my training at The Running Room in South Surrey. I joined the walking marathon clinic - when i signed up - i thought i would learn to walk the 42.2km marathon. Boy was I wrong! i am actually learning to power walk the full marathon!  Let me tell you - power walking is TOUGH!  It is great though - 3 weeks in and i am down 7lbs!  I have convinced 2 friends to join us on our walks AND do the BMO Vancouver Marathon - which has been nice.  I like to think them joining us for our train is helping to make their lifestyle more active.  I have since decided to add the BMO Vancouver Marathon as my first marathon, for the experience and well - just to do it on May 3.  Then my Gold Coast Marathon July 5.  

Today I was speaking to someone, that I never used to talk to.  Today she brightened my day and we had a nice talk.  She let me know that she had just be diagnosed with type 2 diabetes & that she wants to change her lifestyle to help with it.  She also told me i am inspiring. I have never had someone tell me that - and she has made me extremely proud of what i am doing - knowing i can inspire someone on the other side of the country is amazing. Thank you for making my day today!

My next deadline is FAST approaching! Next Friday Feb 13, 2009 to be exact!  I am currently at $5000 in my fundraising! More then halfway to that $9000 deadline in April! How great is that!  A pub night is in the works for end of March early April - keep an eye out on details for that!  If you would like me to contact you personally about the pub nite - send me a message and let me know!

Please don't forget to go online and make your 2009 donation today!