Friday, November 14, 2008

World Diabetes Day

Today, Nov 14 has been declared World Diabetes Day.  I spent my morning working - and updating my facebook status & twitter status every 30 minutes with facts & myths about diabetes.  I really am not sure how many actually my twitter updates or facebook updates - but even if i reached a dozen people - those people have taken in something they did not know about diabetes and are now able to share that information to others - and well - i am hoping those people share it with others and so on.    I spent my afternoon visiting the offices in the area I work, using my connections trying to spread the word about World Diabetes Day and trying to get more pledges for my Team Diabetes Fundraising.  I also spent a few minutes with Buzz Bishop of 95Crave telling him my story about why I am doing what i am doing - you can read that in an earlier blog here.  Thanks again for letting me share my story Buzz!  

On a side note - if you live in Surrey - or pass through you probably have seen the World Diabetes Day flag that is flying high and proud in Guildford - here's a few photos i took this morning

So there is exactly 3 weeks from the December deadline  and i am  $1200 short of the deadline amount - panic is starting to set in - but luckily - the panic is just brought more and more ideas - who wouldnt love to do a hot dog sale on a saturday right before Christmas! Bonus for hungry Christmas shoppers in a busy department store! Gotta love my connections!    Please everyone - if you have been thinking of donating - there really is no excuse to wait - today is World Diabetes Day!  I find it a very fitting day to place those donations - and well for everyone else - i KNOW it was payday today and its YOUR payday next week too... PLEASE click here to donate . 

Some info for you, that you may or may not already know - Please share we need to spread the word!

So you know there is Type 1 & Type 2 diabetes - BUT did you know there is a third? Yup - gestational diabetes can occur in pregnancy - and is actually temporary.

Approx. 2.4 million Canadians have diabetes.

Someone is diagnosed approx every 50 seconds.

Myth:  Eating too much sugar causes diabetes.

Fact:  Regular activity helps your body lower blood glucose levels, promoste weightloss, reduces stress and enhances overall fitness.

Diabetes can also cause Heart Disease, Kidney Disease, Eye Disease, nerve damage & impotence.

Fact: YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE Please help me reach my fundraising goal for Team Diabetes .