Monday, November 24, 2008

Surprises, deadlines & a hotdog/cookie sale

So this past friday I got my reminder email from Rebecca, my Team Diabetes co-ordinator,  about my first deadline on December 5, 2008.  I was $1049 short of the $3000 needed for Dec 5th.  Ok - not bad -  I had just mailed out a cheque that morning for $335 - then i knew i had to really push it to raise the rest of it before the deadline.   Saturday evening i went to my mom's work Christmas party, where i was surprised to learn that all the proceeds from the raffle draws were going to be donated to Diabetes association fundraising i was doing!  I cried  - but in amazement that this was actually happening!  Thanks to Zellers Central City $500 was raised that night! THANK YOU!! Plus a few extra donations that came in on the weekend  - i have no surpassed my Dec 5th Deadline!   

Now i have to start planning for my February 2009 deadline - $6000 (april 2009 i will need $9000).  I am holding a hotdog/cookie sale on Dec 6 @ the front entrance to Zellers  @ Central City Mall.  come see me - i will be there all day till the hotdogs &  HOMEMADE Chocolate Chip Cookies are sold out!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

How To Donate

Just wanted to give everyone a heads up.   The website for Team Diabetes has changed a bit - so when you click on the link - it will automatically take you to the diabetes association website.

Basically go to 

click on DONATE NOW in the upper right hand corner

then click on Pledge a Team Diabetes Participant

Then enter my name - Candice Chamberland

and there you go! Just please make sure to double check that when you are on the page to enter your credit card information - that it says my name at the top of the page.

If you don't have a credit card and would like to donate with cash or a cheque - Please email me - and i will make arrangements to come pay you a visit (or you can email me if you like)

With all of my heart THANK YOU to everyone who is helping me along my journey and who is following me and supporting me!


Friday, November 14, 2008

World Diabetes Day

Today, Nov 14 has been declared World Diabetes Day.  I spent my morning working - and updating my facebook status & twitter status every 30 minutes with facts & myths about diabetes.  I really am not sure how many actually my twitter updates or facebook updates - but even if i reached a dozen people - those people have taken in something they did not know about diabetes and are now able to share that information to others - and well - i am hoping those people share it with others and so on.    I spent my afternoon visiting the offices in the area I work, using my connections trying to spread the word about World Diabetes Day and trying to get more pledges for my Team Diabetes Fundraising.  I also spent a few minutes with Buzz Bishop of 95Crave telling him my story about why I am doing what i am doing - you can read that in an earlier blog here.  Thanks again for letting me share my story Buzz!  

On a side note - if you live in Surrey - or pass through you probably have seen the World Diabetes Day flag that is flying high and proud in Guildford - here's a few photos i took this morning

So there is exactly 3 weeks from the December deadline  and i am  $1200 short of the deadline amount - panic is starting to set in - but luckily - the panic is just brought more and more ideas - who wouldnt love to do a hot dog sale on a saturday right before Christmas! Bonus for hungry Christmas shoppers in a busy department store! Gotta love my connections!    Please everyone - if you have been thinking of donating - there really is no excuse to wait - today is World Diabetes Day!  I find it a very fitting day to place those donations - and well for everyone else - i KNOW it was payday today and its YOUR payday next week too... PLEASE click here to donate . 

Some info for you, that you may or may not already know - Please share we need to spread the word!

So you know there is Type 1 & Type 2 diabetes - BUT did you know there is a third? Yup - gestational diabetes can occur in pregnancy - and is actually temporary.

Approx. 2.4 million Canadians have diabetes.

Someone is diagnosed approx every 50 seconds.

Myth:  Eating too much sugar causes diabetes.

Fact:  Regular activity helps your body lower blood glucose levels, promoste weightloss, reduces stress and enhances overall fitness.

Diabetes can also cause Heart Disease, Kidney Disease, Eye Disease, nerve damage & impotence.

Fact: YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE Please help me reach my fundraising goal for Team Diabetes .